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Equipment necessary for starting out as a DJ

So you want to be a DJ?

Whether you want to become a world famous DJ, or just play some music for your friends, starting out on your path as a turntablist is an exciting and challenging journey. However, it is not always easy on your fingertips or your wallet. Besides the hours of practice that will be needed, you will also need a lot of equipment before you can become a DJ superstar.

The first choice that you will need to make is whether you want to use vinyl or go digital for your set up. Although many people are switching to digital forms of DJing, there is something special about using the original medium. A good vinyl turntablist will garner a lot of respect from the community, and nothing sounds better than a real needle scratching hard vinyl.

Below are some basic descriptions of the equipment necessary for a good vinyl setup.

2 DJ Turntables

Turntables are the basis of the DJ setup, and probably the most vital piece of equipment. These will be your babies, treat them as such.

2 DJ Cartridges (Needles)

These are the heart of your turntables. Without high-quality needles in good working order, you will not be able to properly play your music. They are extremely sensitive, so make sure to handle them with care.

DJ Mixer

The mixer is like the brain of your set up. It allows you to switch between the two turntables, change the volume, and make other adjustments that are distinctive to a DJ.


Slipmats are anti-static felt mats that go on top of the platter and underneath the vinyl record. This allows you to manipulate the record on top of the turntable.

DJ Headphones

A good pair of headphones is vital for a good DJ. Remember that your ears are necessary if you want to be a DJ, so be sure to treat them well.

Vinyl Records

A DJ’s collection of vinyl records is like their chest of gold. It is priceless, and the collection will define everything about the DJ’s Sound. Always remember to dig through crates as you never know when you will find another gem.

RCA Cables

RCA cables are necessary for connecting your gear to the audio output. Without these, you can’t make much sound. Watch out for tangles.


Of course, you need an output for all of your gear. A good pair of speakers will be able to shake the walls and make your neighbours cry.